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Blog Faq Helpdesk Library
  • Monitoring articles

    Authors and coauthors can follow and receive notifications about the status of the manuscript during the review process.

  • Step by Step

    Simple system with instructions and specific customizations of the journal for every stage of the process.

  • Statistics

    Follow the evolution of your journal through the system and get statistical data for FAPESP and CNPq reports.

  • Listings

    Understandable listings that reflect the stages of processing facilitate the work of assistants and editors.


An online submission and peer review system that just makes sense.

Do you still rely on cumbersome systems or your e-mail inbox, reviewer lists and spreadsheets to keep track of your submission workflow? Relax, now you can count on a modern solution that is under continuous development. A professional solution that respects user experience and is always trying to bring users ideas into the product development cycle, making it possible to deliver new features and enhancements quickly.

A comprehensive system of information management and workflow for publications, books and conferences. Its modules and tools enable publishers to manage the submission process and the reviewers seem more efficiently, bringing the concept to the authors and funding agencies, shortening the time for publication of important scientific data, and lowering infrastructure costs.

Submitted simplified and agile

  • The Submit allows authors to easily input information relevant to the magazine, ensuring more agility to the evaluation process.
  • Specific instructions for each step of the journal process.
  • Possibility of adding questions to the authors, keywords pre-determindas, restriction of file types etc..
  • Option to ask the authors to suggest reviewers during submission.
  • Clear visualization of the stages of submission.
  • Authors and co-authors can track the status of the manuscript during the review process and receive notifications.
  • Notifications by e-mail and visual identification to indicate the need for sending corrections.
  • Easy to get help and support.

Peer review simple and intuitive

  • The Submit allows the monitoring of the evaluation process without complications and can even be customized to meet different flows editorials.
  • Allows configuration of single and double blind review process.
  • Listings understandable that reflect the stages of evaluation.
  • Easy location of manuscripts submitted for review and revisions delayed.
  • Lets follow closely evaluating the work of reviewers and editors.
  • Delegate, invite reviewers, writing and sending a final opinion in one place.
  • Reviewers can download the files submitted to make appointments and send them along with your review.
  • Simple system to compare and edit the reviewers' comments and prepare the final report.
  • Possibility of customization of emails sent by the system and automatic reminders to reviewers.
  • The selection of files that must be available to reviewers is done with one click.
  • Possibility to add new files and files sent moderates by reviewers.
  • Easy addition of new reviewers and editorial board members.
  • You can send manuscripts directly approved for production.
  • History of all actions and messages related to a manuscript.
  • Hits such as Author, Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor, reviewer, administrator etc.

Service offered through annual license type SaaS (Software as a Service), where the installation, maintenance and domain server, hosting, backup, upgrades and technical support are all included. The customer no longer worry about dealing with multiple vendors and can solve any problem through a single phone or email.