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Blog Faq Helpdesk Library

We are always looking for talent!

Come join our team

Has experience working with publishers?

We are always looking for professionals who have had previous experience working in publishing. So if you've been reviewer, text preparer, editor and book designer, or a mixture of all this contact via the form below.

He has experience with layout of books and magazines?

He has worked in a publishing house producing books and magazines? We are looking for people with experience using Adobe InDesign and related tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and Word).
If you know the listed software and are interested fill out the form beside and we will contact after reviewing your information.
Some of the functions that will play are:

  • preparing articles for diagramming
  • diagram and send evidence to authors and editorial assistants
  • pass fixes authors and assistants Articles
  • review articles and pass internal review fixes
  • closing figures for internet and printing (PDF / A and PDF / X-1a)
  • closing articles to generating XML
  • creating, updating, review and internal documentation maintenance

It has web development experience?

Savvy professionals in the latest trends with full stack web developer profile and / or automation and deployment are very welcome. Contact through the form below.