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Blog Faq Helpdesk Library
  • Online bookstore

    Besides the technical quality, we offer the possibility of selling the books in our online bookstore.

  • Graphics and images

    Vectorization and image treatment, graphics, photographs, and equations.

  • Revision and translation

    Review of spelling and grammar, translation of all contents to/from portuguese, english and spanish.

  • Print

    Low or high circulation with economic, traditional or luxurious finish.

  • Graphic design

    Creating attractive layouts based on studies of typography, colors and ideal formats for each project.

Scientific Books and Reports

Scientific Books and Reports

After years of producing scientific journals Editora Cube now offers services to authors and Research Projects publish scientific books and reports.

Production and direct sale

In addition to the technical quality Editora Cube also provides the possibility of selling the books in their online store and bookstore! Contact us to know the possibilities for production and sale.

We service

  • authors
  • research project
  • Publishers

Request a budget including the services you need:

  • Spelling and grammar review of all content for Portuguese, English and Spanish;
  • Translation of all content to / from Portuguese, English and Spanish;
  • Vectorization and image processing, graphics, photos and equations;
  • Graphic Design covers and kernels;
  • Standardization of terms, units and styles;
  • Validation quote references, figures and tables;
  • Request ISBN / ISSN and mounting Cataloguing data;
  • Economical printing, traditional or luxury.

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