NEWS: We will be closed from December 18 to January 2. Happy Holidays

NEWS: We will be closed from December 18 to January 2. Happy Holidays

Blog Faq Helpdesk Library
Blog Faq Helpdesk Library
  • Simplicity and efficiency in access to articles.

    A professional website for scientific publications, specialized in journals, containing of all information relevant to a publication.

  • Google Analytics

    The system is fully integrated with Google Analytics enabling data collection, access statistics and other relevant information

  • Home

    Putting in evidence relevant points of the journal or providing a quick access to the current issue. Give the best for your visitors.

  • Search and author index

    The system also has an advanced search tool for articles, author index, highlights to the current issue and access to the entire archive

  • Social Media

    Facilitates interaction and dissemination through social media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Mendeley, etc..

  • Archive

    Modern interface and visual identity provides easy access to the historical record.

  • Quick links

    The quick links provide easy access to information and the desired language.

  • Tablets, Smartphones and modern browsers

    Our systems are developed using cutting edge technologies, ensuring that they are always accessible, and are displayed correctly in all major browsers and devices.


Simplicity and efficiency in access to articles.

Host system is a professional website specialized for disclosure journals with all relevant information to a scientific publication accessible in a modern interface, which provides both identity the publication and easy access to your entire collection. If supplied content in other languages ​​the system can be internationalized.

The system has search engine articles, highlighting current issue and access to the entire archive. The webpage is in line with the recommendations of CrossRef and other crawlers usually being well ranked playlist on Google. The system can be configured to run on your own domain, for example


  • Registration system prepared for Advance Publication Publisher Cube and Ahead-of-Print traditional;
  • More modern layout and version for small screens (Phones and Tablets);
  • Access to statistics using Google Analytics;
  • Pages with semantic structure and metadata to ensure fast and accurate indexing in Google Scholar;
  • Possibility of thematic classification by area of articles;
  • Integration with social media sites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter;


Some journals that use the Host system: