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The Complete Collection

It is common for scientific publications have your articles indexed in national and international databases increasing its dissemination and reach. However, many national publications have only a small part of their content indexed thus leaving much of its history not accessible to the public.

Editora Cube offers to scientific publications the possibility of owning their complete collections from the first volume, digitally and, most importantly, searchable by searching by title, authors, abstract etc. This is possible due to the fast scanning technology and quality, coupled with optical character recognition (OCR). Technologies Editora Cube uses to create PDF files of each scanned item and create a database for use with our search tools on CD-ROM or the Internet.

Here's an example, click the link below for a PDF file of the UNESP Dental Journal which had its digitized collection.

Character Recognition (OCR)

After scanning all content provided images are processed by a professional software Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

PDF (Portable Document Format)

The PDF format since its inception has become unanimity among the technical and scientific means for dissemination and exchange of information. We use, for greater compatibility, version 1.4 (compatible with Acrobat 5.0) and optimization for viewing over the Internet, which allows the file to be viewed even before its full download.

DOI deposit

After scanning and generation assets of PDF files Cube publisher, as a publisher enabled by CrossRef, you can make the deposit DOIs for all numbers and articles expanding the scope and ensuring availability and access.

Indexing database

With files scanned and converted to PDF format is generated a database with all the works. On this basis they are inserted relevant information for each type of work such as title, author, keywords, year of publication and others depending on customer need. This base can come to compose a CD-ROM or a web page.