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The best option to optimize your time and efficiency through the strategic decisions and informed!

It is increasingly common for scientific journals seek professional help to perform indexing projects. Is to qualify the promotion of notices or to improve Qualis extracts, reputation, submissions and citations, it is essential that the journal is indexed in relevant international databases such as Web of Science (ISI), Scopus, PMC, etc. SciELO Although the most relevant indexes have qualification processes and documented evaluation, the list of technical and scientific-academic requirements is large and rigorous in their assessments increases every year. Were it not for the little free time that scientific publishers have, could perform all tasks alone and index your journal. The Cube Publisher indexing project offers services to Editors can meet technical requirements and make informed decisions. The work is developed through editorial advice that can be contracted in the package of modalities closed with value per project, or open consultation with hourly. As a result the Editor saves time since it has a team with experience to perform tasks and generate documentation supporting their decision making. So journals that use the editorial advisory incorporate workforce and intellectual baggage hub Publisher, resulting in increased chances of indexing, direct decrease in time spent by magazine staff and buying it and know-how transfer.

In general, the whole process down to a great cycle:

⇒ ⇒ Assessment Submission Adaptation

Editora Cube offers specific services for each step of the process:

  • Rating: Consulting for indexing project;
  • Adaptation: Additional services (optional); and
  • Submission: Send / Preparation of submission to indexers.

Any indexing process in strict bases begins with the evaluation of the journal that addresses two important factors for all indexes: 1) technical quality and 2) scientific and academic quality.

In the case of technical quality Editora Cube can collaborate with the magazine both directly and indirectly, to the scientific and academic excellence, collaboration is held indirectly offering advice and action suggestions.

Applications Consulting Editorial

There are several applications that service hub Publisher. Learn about the most common below:

  • Indexing Project for Web of Science (ISI), Scopus, PMC, etc. SciELO brochure (PDF)
  • Creation or revival of scientific journals.
  • Redesign of graphic design for modernization and internationalization.
  • Review and preparation of instructions to authors.


Values ​​can be closed or open design with hourly. Anyway, hire editorial consulting services hub Publisher will always facilitate your day to day, reduce internal costs and increase your editorial efficiency.

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