Blog Faq Helpdesk Library
Blog Faq Helpdesk Library
  • Easier for you

    Receive, resolve or appropriately refer the requests of the community, authors and editorial board.

  • Daily routines

    Check new submissions moving forward to Authors or Editors and Reviewers overdue check to ensure agility flows.

  • Preparation and submission to production

    Team with expertise in various systems for gathering information and files and send to the company responsible for the production with all necessary information.

  • Numbers without complication

    Get system information generating reports for the Editorial Board as requested.

Editorial assistant

The Editorial Assistant service that Publisher Cube offers can help your magazine to professionalize, increasing their efficiency in the editorial processing and further reduce costs.

Easier for you

Your journal when you lose when, Editor, lose time with technical problems and operational routines. Hiring the editorial assistance service you will be free from worries can increase their productivity, devoting his time to academic issues, intellectual and strategies that will make its regular stand out.

The Editorial Assistant service package Cube Publisher can be shaped according to your needs, and include the following routines and operations:

  • Check e-mail box magazine and solve or forward community requests
  • Answering the telephone questions regarding the instructions to authors and on the processing of items in the system.
  • Process new submissions checking registered information and compliance with the revised standards.
  • Return manuscripts outside the norms indicating the reasons for returning to the authors.
  • Forward manuscripts for the publisher, as the magazine's editorial flow.
  • Check the system periodically to check pending Editors, alerting them when the need arises attention.
  • Check manuscripts with delays and, as the magazine flow:
    • send sound pattern of refusal;
    • allow more time;
    • pass the manuscript to the editor responsible etc.
  • Check Reviewers late and, as the magazine flow:
    • Allow more time;
    • Stop evaluation;
    • Invite previously designated alternate Statutory.
  • Check that the evaluations completed by Reviewers do not allow their identification the magazine if you use blind review system.
  • Provide information and reports to the Editorial Board as requested.
  • Prepare papers accepted as revised flow, and carry out shipment to the company responsible for production.
  • Ask the responsible editor that provides the Editorial.
  • Organize closing agendas of each magazine issue.
  • Set the summary of each issue as the flow and rules stipulated by the magazine.
  • Monitoring the production to avoid delays in publication.
  • order management magazines to subscribers list.

real benefits

  • EXPERIENCE with know-how of the board and management, working in the area of scientific publications since 1995.
  • COST REDUCTION and simplification of its payroll.
  • FLEXIBILITY possibility of embedded sales in other service.
  • MORE TIME editors to think in purely scientific and strategic aspects for the magazine.
  • CONTINUITY because all documentation is shared with the magazine editors facilitating the exchange and updating of internal staff magazine.
  • VERSATILITY to have staff with the knowledge Submit systems, ScholarOne, Editorial Manager, OJS / SEER and Scielo Submission.
  • CREDIBILITY with staff prepared to meet in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
  • SUPPORT via email, skype and exclusive phone for the service.
  • SPEED on direct access to production teams, development of the submission system and maintenance of the digital collection. *

* For customers who have publishing contracts and / or Submit or Host systems with Editora Cube.


In addition to facilitating their daily lives, reduce internal costs and increase your editorial efficiency investment can be, if more convenient, embedded in other service currently provided by Editora Cube. Indeed, also simplifying accountability for the magazine.


The values ​​are set based on an average number of hours the Editorial Assistant will use to work efficiently for the magazine. For better utilization, the Editorial Assistant will be responsible for more of a journal, respecting the good progress of work and always available during the business hours for care.

Ask for your budget .

Brochure of Assistant Editor of the Editorial Cube service (PDF) .